Diesel is definitely most branded for their exclusive brand of jeans. Diesel does really have quite a few other clothing products as well as accessories to offer beside their well-known line of jeans. They offer a huge variety of other items to select from, including cozy apparel, bags and shoes, jewelry, sunglasses and even perfumes.

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In their intimate apparel partition, you will be able to select from a big selection of under garments for either genders. Playful or sporty, you can find a wide variety of bras and panties together with boxers as well as briefs. There are many various styles and colors to choose from.
You can find a big variety of hand bags in the Diesel collection. Large or small, wallets or back packs, you will find anything customizable to suit your personal touches. They offer purses with shoulder straps beside nice little handbags. You will find purses with or without straps. These purses add to the Diesel brand and are exclusive and fun as well as strong and reliable.
Diesel has a cute collection of shoes too. For both men and women, you will get both casual and dress shoes. For women, there are boots, heels, sandals, and nice sneakers. You can even get shoes that are made totally out of denim.
Bracelets, rings, necklaces and many jewel accessories are offered in the Diesel jewelry section. You can select among a lot of jewels and you will have lots of fun watching stylish and unique jewelry.