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Finding that perfect pair of blue jeans can be just as hard as finding that perfect pair of shoes.  The search consists of going from store to store, trying to find a pair of jeans that fits perfectly.  Once you've found a pair that works well for your body type, life is good until it comes time to shop again, only to find that styles have changed.  You simply can't head back to the same store and buy the same pair of blue jeans because they don't make them anymore!

That's the price you pay to stay current on the latest styles in blue jeans.  One would think that blue jeans are so straight-forward that they wouldn't change, but they do.  Think back 10 years ago, or even better, look at your family photos from 10 or 15 years ago.  What were you wearing?  Women were wearing jeans that sat high, coming right up over their hips creating the appearance of a very long torso.  Not the most attractive look.  Men's jeans also sat higher and were tighter than the styles today.

Today's hottest styles and brands have come along way from the days when a pair of jeans was simply a pair of jeans.  With many jeans costing $100 or more, they're no longer what we were while working in the yard or hanging around home.  Blue jeans are one of the most fashionable items that one wear and careful selection is necessary.

Blue jeans that are popular today include ones that make use of embroidery and embellishments on the pockets.  They sit low on the waist for both men and women and they come in myriad of shades.  Both a warn look and a dark, brand new look are both popular.  Boot cut is still popular, but today's teens and young adults prefer what are often called “Skinny Jeans”.  These jeans don't work for everyone, especially those with a larger frame or weight issues.

A standard “relaxed fit” jean will be preferred by many people, as these jeans allow for a little room in the seat and aren't too tight in any one place.  For those that like plenty of room, a “loose fit” jean will be a better choice.  Boot cut and straight leg jeans are standard fits and work well for most people.  Balancing style with comfort is always a concern when buying jeans, so make sure that you take both into consideration.  No one wants to wear a pair of uncomfortable jeans for 12 hours just because they look nice!

Some of the hottest brands today are older brands that have been around for many years including, Levi's and Calvin Klein, but a number of newer brands are quite popular.  True Religion, Juicy Couture, Joe's Jeans, Diesel, Versace, Just Cavalli and D & G are just some of the biggest brand names in jeans today.  Designer jeans are an individual choice though and require that you try a number of different brands and style before deciding.  After all, if you're going to be spending anywhere from $100 to $500 for a pair of high quality designer jeans, don't you think it's a decision that you should put some thought into?